Check Out the Advantages of Cast Iron Cookware

Cooks often seek alternatives to the toxic non-stick cookware that they are currently using. Even though stainless steel often seems like the healthiest alternative, it is expensive and it doesn’t seem to fare well as cooking eggs, pancakes and various other dishes that traditional non-stick cookware excels at.  One of the best all around Cast iron skillets is the  Le Creuset Enameled Skillet, though pricey it is a lifetime investment.

Advantages of Cast Iron Skillets

For those who haven’t discovered the advantages to cast iron cookware, consider the following reasons when making your purchase.

Features and Prices:

Replacing your traditional non-stick cookware with cast iron will allow you to eliminate all of the toxic fumes that come with the non-stick alternative. The first thing to do when deciding to replace your old skillet is to check out the reviews for a new one. My favorite place to look at is as it can save some time. Cast iron also works wonders at replacing aluminum cookware, which poses a significant threat to your health.
Beyond the stove, you can use cast iron cookware inside of the oven, regardless of the temperature. From corn bread to flat bread, frittatas and more, your skillet can do any number of different things all in one complete package.

They are non-stick!

Pre-heated cast iron skillets have the same qualities as that of traditional non-stick cookware, as long as they are cared for and seasoned properly. You can easily move through the learning curve by taking a few minutes to talk to the professionals at a local cookware store. Head online to find out information about caring for your skillet if you don’t feel comfortable speaking with someone in person. As I always say, “just Google it!”

Clean-up is a snap. Not only will any leftover food easily come off the cookware, but soap isn’t recommended or needed as it will erode the seasoning.

Health benefits abound with this cookware. Boost your iron intake from consuming foods that were cooked in the cast iron cookware. This vital mineral is critical for maintaining your energy levels, as well as helping to strengthen the immune system.

Cast iron cookware is relatively inexpensive. Cooks that are looking to replace non-stick cookware will often look into stainless steel. When you consider the fact that a 12-inch stainless skillet will cost you upwards of $100, you can easily see why so many people look at the cast iron alternative for less than $30.

Best Fertilizer for Healthy Tomatoes

Providing the proper type of fertilizer for tomatoes will help your plants grow healthy and ensure you have a bountiful growing season. The best means of fertilizing your tomatoes is to fertilize them before and during the prime growing season. Knowing the best type of fertilizer for your tomatoes makes sure that they have adequate amounts of potassium and phosphorus to maintain an adequate supply of fruit without flooding the soil with excessive amounts of nitrogen.

fresh healthy tomatoes

If you want to spread seed in your garden or grass the first place to check is for reviews on top ranked spreaders. If you are looking for a hand held spreader check out the hand held fertilizer spreader review section.

Perform a soil test in the garden before planting to get an accurate measurement of what nutrients you have currently to determine what amount and type of fertilizer you need for your garden. Soils lacking in potassium or phosphorus will benefit from the addition of a complete fertilizer when tilling the garden to prepare for planting. Soil with adequate nutrients in it will benefit from a periodic fertilizer application with nutrient rations of 5-10-5 or 5-10-10 using two pounds of fertilizer for every 100-square-feet of soil. This will help to maintain the soil’s fertility throughout the year and allow your tomatoes to draw the nutrients out of the soil.

The best types of fertilizers for your plants have a low level of nitrogen in them. Applying a fertilizer with high nitrogen content fuels the growth of leaves and stems instead of flowers and fruits. Tomatoes receiving too much nitrogen will grow extremely long stems and won’t produce as much fruit. High nitrogen levels also cause the flowers to wither and fall from their stems, which prevents the plants from producing fruit.

Tomato plants utilize potassium and phosphorus in abundance to produce fruit. Fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in ratios equal to 6-24-24 or 8-32-16 are an effective source of potassium and phosphorus for tomatoes in soils that have low concentrations of the aforementioned nutrients. Before you plant your tomato plant, make sure to apply the fertilizer. Once you have the proper amount of fertilizer in your garden, you can easily apply additional doses using a lower concentration to help maintain a fertile bed for your plants.

What to Wear When Yoga Pants and a T-Shirt Won’t Work: Tips for Plus-Sized Women

For the longest time, I absolutely dreaded clothes shopping. After having 4 boys, I continued to carry the weight several years later . I was perfectly content in yoga pants and a t-shirt at home and scrubs at work. Unfortunately, this did nothing for my self-esteem, when I often found myself surrounded by petite women in stylish clothes. They were everywhere from the grocery store to school events and the boy’s sporting events. I realized that I could lose weight or find clothing that actually flattered my new plus-sized figure. Let me fill you in on what I learned.

trying on clothes

There are many places online that offer plus size clothes at a discount for us. While it can be hard to take the first step if you do it right, it can be a painless and fun experience. Try to find clothes using the following guidelines that I have created and personally use whenever I go clothing shopping.

1. Tops with empire weights are quite apt at making you appear taller and slimmer. They sit higher than the natural waist line and the results are really amazing. They are perfect for hiding thick thighs and tummy bulges.

2. A tunic-length shirt (such as a body hugging, button-down) looks great when paired with a pair of cropped trouser pants. Opting to wear heels makes you look even better because they elongate your legs.

3. An expert tailor comes in very handy. It is extremely difficult and frustrating to find clothes that fit perfectly without a little help. This is especially true with pants and jeans, otherwise known as the two items of clothing most likely to cause a meltdown in a department store.

4.It’s true that black, gray, and brown can make you appear slimmer, but don’t be afraid to add a splash of color. It gives a bit of life to an otherwise bland outfit.

5. Clothes shouldn’t be too tight….or too baggy. It can be tempting to hide your body behind clothes that are way too big, but they actually make you look larger. This is also true if you are looking for prom dresses under $100.

6. Skinny, horizontal strips can look fabulous. Just look for a stretchy fabric that is not too tight or too loose. Make sure the dominant color is a darker hue.

7. Maxi dresses that graze the floor are adorable, especially during the summer. The empire waste is perfect for hiding problematic stomach areas. You can even wear them in the winter with a cardigan.

8. Wraps with v-necks are super flattering. They draw attention to your cleavage (which is frequently ample in plus-sized women) and can make your waist appear smaller.

9. Accentuate with cute accessories. Stay away from chokers. Opt for delicate, long chains that draw the eye down and elongate the body. Bright scarfs are perfect for hiding tummy rolls and are a terrific way to add a little color to your outfit.

10. Make certain your undergarments are the right size. Simply put, your clothes fit better when you have on the correct size bra and panties.

11. Buy clothing made from high quality fabrics that give you a more structured look. Cheap fabrics can stretch and cling. Cottons and silks are more structured and give less.