How to set up a Bounce House – Prepare and Blow up Inflatable Jumpers

Knowing how to set up a bounce house yourself can save you time and money. The first thing to remember about inflatable bounce houses is that they’re fragile.

When you’re choosing a location for the bounce house, find an area that doesn’t have any pine cones, rocks, or anything else that’s sharp. You should also pay attention to trees and anything else overhead to make sure you will have enough clearance when the bounce house is inflated.

Prepare and blow up bouncy houses

Your bounce house will need to be set up on a tarp, which will act as a barrier. For the sake of the stability of the bounce house, you will also need to set it up on a flat area.

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What materials are needed to prepare an inflatable jumper?

Setting up a bounce house requires only a few materials. You will need a blower with a good air hose in order to inflate the bounce house. You will also need anchors in order to secure the bounce house. Otherwise, all you will need is the tarp and the bounce house itself.

How to blow up bouncer?

You start by unrolling the bounce house. Then, you should unfold the long, thin blower tube portions of the bounce house and attach one of them to the blower. If there are any other blower tubes, it’s important to make sure that they are closed and that everything else has been zipped up before inflating the bounce house, or the air will escape.

Once you’re sure that everything else is sealed, you can turn on the blower and watch the bounce house inflate. You should touch the inflated bounce house to make sure that it is taut enough, but not so taut it feels like it’s ready to burst. Once the bounce house is fully inflated, you need to go to each bounce house corner and secure them to the ground, adding a safety cap to the anchors. At that point, the bounce house should be ready.