How to Start a Snow Removal Business

With winter right around the corner, now is the perfect time to learn how to start a snow removal business. Starting a snow removal business

Though it does require investing in tools and engaging in marketing, the financial rewards can be well worth the effort.

The following offers a quick low at everything you need to know to start your own snow removal business.

1. Determine exactly what services you will offer and purchase the needed tools.

Because winter isn’t here yet, you may be able to get some incredible deals on the equipment you need most.

You will need:

  • A high quality snowplow that is large enough to keep up with the potential demand in your area. If you find they are too expensive, you may want to consider leasing in the beginning. If you have a pickup truck or atv, you can get a snow plow attachment designed for a four wheeler or vehicle for less money than a full blown snow plow. This will help you make some money in the beginning in order to pay for a commercial plow. Check out the Extreme Max Uniplow Reviews for a blade that is equipped to handle many commercial jobs.
  • Shovels
  • Heavy, weather appropriate clothing, boots, gloves, and hats that will protect you from the elements
  • Although you don’t necessarily need it, you may also want to invest in a snow blower. You may also need to purchase an open top trailer that can be attached to your truck to carry your equipment in.

2. Check into local business rules and regulations

Determine if your business needs to be licensed and registered, and if so what you need to do to complete this process. This is also the time to look into insurance and check with the IRS to determine what your tax obligations will be.

3. Research other snow plow businesses to decide on your prices

This is important because you don’t want to charge so much that no one calls you or so little that you are not turning any profit.

4. Create a contract

Your contract should clearly detail what services you will be providing, as well as how often they will be performed (or on an as needed basis) and the associated costs. It is a good idea to list on the contract what areas you will be responsible for and their size, so there is no confusion as to what is expected of you.

5. Advertise to let the public know about the business

It is important to begin advertising well before any snow starts to fall. This may include anything from putting fliers in mailboxes to knocking on doors, advertising on local radio stations, placing an ad in your local paper or on the paper’s website, and starting your own website. You can also get a sign placed on your vehicle. If you have a healthy advertising budget, consider renting a billboard.

6. Offer Freebies or Incentives to Use Your Business

Offer a small discount to customers that sign a contract well before winter gets here. You can also offer an incentive program that awards current customers when they refer new customers.

Now go make some money!

Following the tips listed above, you can easily have your snow plow business up and running in a short period of time. Go slow with it, but do some work on your business every day to build the habit and momentum needed to make it a success.

There are good margins in the snow removal  business, and with effort and persistence, great profits can be achieved.