I would start with her album, The Glow Within , where she is accompanied by Steve Hubback on percussion, whose bells, drums, and gongs will delight your speakers, while her sweet voice she sings in English and tasteful harp playing will please your soul. Yes, less electronics more music. For example, in the example above, the bottom triode might see a plate load greater than kohms, in spite of a 5mA idle current, with a resulting gain that approaches the bottom triode’s amplification factor. See post for more details on cascode PSRR enhancement. Once again, not bad. We can achieve such a cathode voltage, but usually only by increasing the cathode-to-plate voltage, which we don’t want to do. All-Tube, Horizontal SRPP-Based Headphone Amplifier Some readers will recoil at the presence of any solid-state devices in a circuit, preferring their tube circuits straight, with no mixer.

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Only those who have produced a technical white paper or written an article on electronics know just how much time and effort is required to produce one of my posts, as novel circuits must be created, SPICE simulations must be run, schematics must be drawn, and thousands of words must be written.

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Well, the conversion was easier than I thought it would be. The secure code is incorrect. The moral here is that, much like the gratuitous sex and violence in a movie, gratuitous inclusion of an SRPP circuit betrays a want of taste and subtly of mind.

DIY Audio Projects Forum • 6SN7 SRPP linestage

The resulting distortion is fairly low and the gain is fairly high, which makes this circuit a good candidate for applying a negative feedback loop. All in all, this is a fun and interesting headphone amplifier design. Fortunately, high-valued non-polarized electrolytic capacitors are made for loudspeaker use.


Special Thanks to the Special 67 Lost one, alas To all my patrons, all 68 of them, thank you all again. We have no problem with developing a 4V voltage drop across the plate resistor. One characteristic that all my SRPP variations share, however, is the acknowledgement that the SRPP is fundamentally a push-pull power amplifier, not a single-ended gain stage.

You can share your feelings about products and help other people by zrpp your experience. She is pegged as a New-Age performer, but her music would not seem out of place if played years ago.

If you have been reading my posts, you know that my lifetime goal is reaching post number one thousand. The following variation uses two NPN types. Resistor Rk sets the desired cathode-to-plate voltage for the bottom triode by altering the idle current flow through the companion transistor. What we would get would a single-ended impedance-multiplier circuit IMC.

DIY Audio Projects Forum

To purchase, please visit our Yahoo Store: Hallo, please ask Bruce for the ForeWatt schematic, it sings, I am using it all the time, but it is not mine and I don’t know if I am allowed to post it’s schematic. Only registered users can post a review. The result is a further linearizing of the MOSFETs, but a diminution of total transconductance, which helps explain why the current-sense resistor, Rak, is now a big 15 ohms in value. For those of you who still have old computers running Windows XP bit or any other Windows bit OS, I have setup the download availability of my old old standards: Ideally, we should strive to 6xn7 the solid-state device’s dissipation to no more than 10W, as that amount will allow us to use a 2.


For hard-core audiophiles, for whom sonics srppp over music, turn up the volume to window rattling level and try track 8, “L’Animal Sorcier,” from her The Glow Within album.

New SRPP Circuits

The resistors mark R share the same value and set the idle srppp limit of the triodes, as these will see a voltage drop equal to transistor’s emitter-to-base voltage, between 0. No products To be determined Shipping.

Getting to great requires adding to extra parts: The current-sense resistor’s value is an astonishingly low 6.

No doubt many would actually prefer the sound from this design over the hybrid alternatives, as the sound would seem riper, fuller, and warmer. Oh-oh, I find myself falling into a New-Age trance.

AMC – Kit Preamp module SRPP tube 6SN7

In fact, I srppp up with two variations: But the voltage limit for these capacitor seems to end at V. For example, in the example above, the bottom triode might see a plate load greater than kohms, in spite of a 5mA idle current, with a resulting gain that approaches the bottom triode’s amplification factor. Thermal paste syringe for radiator 1g.

If high-gain was never our goal, but a medium-gain line-stage amplifier, then the following design is the better way to go, as it offers the same gain as the original SRPP-cathode-follower-based circuit, but delivers a greatly improved PSRR due to the Aikido cathode follower output stage. 6xn7 this design example, each transistor dissipates 6.