Check Out the Advantages of Cast Iron Cookware

Cooks often seek alternatives to the toxic non-stick cookware that they are currently using. Even though stainless steel often seems like the healthiest alternative, it is expensive and it doesn’t seem to fare well as cooking eggs, pancakes and various other dishes that traditional non-stick cookware excels at.  One of the best all around Cast iron skillets is the  Le Creuset Enameled Skillet, though pricey it is a lifetime investment.

Advantages of Cast Iron Skillets

For those who haven’t discovered the advantages to cast iron cookware, consider the following reasons when making your purchase.

Features and Prices:

Replacing your traditional non-stick cookware with cast iron will allow you to eliminate all of the toxic fumes that come with the non-stick alternative. The first thing to do when deciding to replace your old skillet is to check out the reviews for a new one. My favorite place to look at is as it can save some time. Cast iron also works wonders at replacing aluminum cookware, which poses a significant threat to your health.
Beyond the stove, you can use cast iron cookware inside of the oven, regardless of the temperature. From corn bread to flat bread, frittatas and more, your skillet can do any number of different things all in one complete package.

They are non-stick!

Pre-heated cast iron skillets have the same qualities as that of traditional non-stick cookware, as long as they are cared for and seasoned properly. You can easily move through the learning curve by taking a few minutes to talk to the professionals at a local cookware store. Head online to find out information about caring for your skillet if you don’t feel comfortable speaking with someone in person. As I always say, “just Google it!”

Clean-up is a snap. Not only will any leftover food easily come off the cookware, but soap isn’t recommended or needed as it will erode the seasoning.

Health benefits abound with this cookware. Boost your iron intake from consuming foods that were cooked in the cast iron cookware. This vital mineral is critical for maintaining your energy levels, as well as helping to strengthen the immune system.

Cast iron cookware is relatively inexpensive. Cooks that are looking to replace non-stick cookware will often look into stainless steel. When you consider the fact that a 12-inch stainless skillet will cost you upwards of $100, you can easily see why so many people look at the cast iron alternative for less than $30.