Tue Sep 18, 3: When i try to save a new firmware in my dead mpx I use the latest version of the tool – 4. It seems i did a wrong firmware in it, and now it’s locked! Excuse me i am a new member in this forum how to reset my mp4 to the first setting of it which it can be played again??? And how can i remove the wrong f.

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My husband suggested I just toss the player in the trash, but I really want to fix it.

I can make it to restore but when i update the firmware it never finish. Tax and shipping costs are estimates. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you have tried digipkd upgrade your player with the wrong firmware and you find it no longer turns on or is not recognised by your computer this guide may help you to restore your player.

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Wait about 30 digipor till it boots now open the MP3 Upgrade Tool again. Recovery Please someone can send me the full firmware because I dont have the backup.


Currently it’s not available. I dismounted it and makes all the procedure to repair it with another firmware but I think that I will need this version of the firmware absolutely: I use MP3 player product tool 4.

Sat Sep 29, 3: If you do not then get a few versions First arrange a space near your PC where you can work. We don’t know when it will be out, maybe a few months. Thanks a lot PS: Read twice before do something!

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I can upload songs to it, and so on, the device is working, but it seems that the upgrade software only works trough the ‘rockusb’ driver. Sun Nov 09, 9: Hi I’ve got the same player Here the dump of the flash s1fwx: Mon Sep 01, 4: Hidden below it is a screw, unscrewing it would allow you digpod slide or lift the casing off.

Thu Feb 19, 7: But now there is life as I get the blank blue screen while its plugged to the computer which it was not doing that before. My mpx player is dead like all you were thinking when start to read my post XD. M4 drivers are already installed, then uninstall or update them. Acer desktop computer reviews acer desktop computers acer desktop pc reviews acer desktop reviews digiipod desktop support acer driver download acer drivers. I have the newman k8 firmware but how can i upload it?


You may also need to try one of the other full version firmware and format digipkd player. Have installed the MP3 tools on to the ME machine.

My computer can’t open it anymore. Can anobody pls tell me what to do with this? Last edited by tiaret on Sun Jan 25, 6: Could it be a button combination for the device to enter firmware upgrade state? I will post pics of it soon.

Once formatted the MP3 Upgrade Tool should have no problems. When i turn it on i only get this weird white screen. BTW the usb adfuud device driver isn’t there too.