Retrieved 4 December A wide variety of visual models with customised load-out manager which affects aircraft aerodynamics. They would then try to talk us onto targets. They had a SAR radar like ours but theirs could take detailed pictures from much greater ranges. For the game, see F Strike Eagle video game. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

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The FE, despite its origins, includes significant structural changes and much more powerful engines. It also includes a redesigned cockpit originally intended for the FSE. On 20 March, when the war effectively began, FEs fired AGMs against key communication, command and control buildings, and other key targets in Baghdad; a few of the weapons missed intended targets, possibly caused by the jamming operations of EA-6B Prowlers in the vicinity.

Four more FSGs were ordered to increase the order total to 24 fighters. A weak wingman is worthless. During these operations, the strike fighter has carried out deep strikes against high-value targets and combat air patrolsand muhen close air support for coalition troops.

Social Follow iris fe mudhen on Social 15d. The F was designed purely as a air superiority fighter, with full emphasis on maneuverability and agility with “Not a pound for air-to ground! To facilitate night-time strikes, the FIs were initially fitted with Sharpshooter targeting pods designed for Israeli Fs. I preferred white hot as it was easier to see the aircraft as a white dot than a black dot for me.


F Strike Eagle (Object) – Giant Bomb

If they hit something hard they would form a shape charge of plasma and burn through armor. Then they got the idea for the “E” model, which has the second seat for the WSO and all the various equipment for ground attack.

Subscribe to our newsletter. On the first night, the main targets were Taliban military structures, supply depots, and al-Qaeda training camps and caves. Website You can only post your website if you iris fe mudhen registered.

Members mudhsn have read this thread: The FE was the most tasked airframe in the US Air Force during the conflict, with planes flying as many as three missions a day.

The FE was a strike variant; however, it could defend 155e against enemy aircraft and thus retained the ‘F’ title. They would then try to talk us onto targets. Saudi fighter jet sale to help offset Iran. Years later, several incidents have occurred.

Prior to the operation’s ground war phase, FEs conducted tank plinking missions against Iraqi vehicles in Kuwait. These jets were developed at a time where, as you state, avionics were just improving to the point where one pilot could handle the necessary workload.

The air-to-ground optimized Eagle was chosen. As the Navy’s never really been interested in any variant of the F since fairly early in the VFX program, it’s only to be expected that the Air Force top brass would ignore the attack designation here.

I did a lot of work with little satisfaction.


FEs often operated in pairs alongside pairs of FCs. Retrieved 24 December Although specialized for attacking ground targets, full air-to-air capabilities are available to FE crews.

FSX USAF F-15E Mudhen Driver

We also carried the standard MK lb bombs and another favorite of mine, the MK 2, mudhem. Once he had the picture we would turn target direct and drop back down to our attack altitude that was dictated by the bomb fuse combination that we were carrying. The FE may also be replaced by a clean-sheet sixth-generation aircraft design.

Its parent design was a pure air superiority fighter which was modified to produce the Strike Eagle, mainly by strengthening the wings, ,udhen engine output, adding CFTs for better range without droptanks, and replacing practically everything under the skin forward of the intakes avionics, radar, etc.

They also scored hits on 65 MiGs on the ground, [76] and destroyed key air defense and command buildings in Baghdad. Inthe Air Force was reportedly considering future options; no replacement for the FE is slated. The lowest I ever flew at night in the F was feet, though I flew at feet when flying under visual flight rules VFR conditions all the time.

Former Amarilloan honored in death.