The R4 DS GUI is newbie-friendly yet functional, which is something the competitors forgot to ensure, there will be no getting lost in menus or system settings with this card, they kept it simple yet functional like we said above, because these devices are being used mostly by children, making sure there is not a whole bunch of settings that can be unnecessary played with can be a good thing, all you see if what you need to see to play your games or movies without any fuss. As well as letting you play Wii games from all regions, Wii FreeLoader also works with some imported GameCube games when played on your Wii. No Patches IOS34 rev Hi 2 all from a newbee, I have 4. Otherwise, R4 DS is The Infinity-modded PS2 will boot it automatically without the need for pressing any buttons. Its just a blank image..

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Watch movies, store hundreds of games all on the this little but powerful Nintendo DS flash card.

About Matrix Infinity Modchip. Nintendo have made loads of different Wii System Update releases http: No Patches IOS45 rev Was this a mistake to replay the game with the Nunchuck connected?

Operation distance is above 6m, up to 10m at maximum. Had a problem with the save game, in that it wouldn’t show up at all on the sd card, I downloaded the indiana-pwns and stuck it on the sd card then moved it over to wii memory and it all went fine from there.


I can’t really speak as I haven’t tried it yet. Start a new game and complete level one with the nunchuk attached then make a saved game, then exit to System Menu.

Where can i find it?? Flatmii working FlatMod Hide similar threads.

Saturnplanet5 May 17, Take the forthcoming PSP phone functionality. All the Matrix features for half the price. If I run a software update via the wii system menu, would it brick my unit?

There is Digital Kaos – Downloads – priiloader v0. No Patches IOS48 rev Patience is not one of my strong points just ask the wife – also foot hole in cheap cardboard kitchen door – yep new house Oh well – these things are sent to try us: It introduces various modifications to its host system’s function, including the circumvention of region coding, digital rights management, and copy protection checks for the purpose of running software intended for other markets, copied game media, or unlicensed third-party homebrew software.

Attractive Modchips Kingdom:

Stub IOS17 rev Wii D2D – Version 1. Well the wait is over and we finally have the successor to the famous Infectus modchip, the latest and greatest mod chip to date from Team Infectus is here.


I don’t think there is anything different between the colours thats purely cosmetic. I’ve sorted the BootMii out now if you read http: Then you can burn it with the software you most like. Thanks for the movie post. NSMB is the only game until now that requires a compatible modchip, because the game asks for BCA code in the disc and this data can’t be written to recordable media in the right place. Eventually took the plunge, and the Wii is now updated – thanks for the walkthrough!

Your wii should now block Disk updates and online updates Note: Cheers CK I’ve had a look around for a flatmi to this but i’m sure you can give a clearer answer. I found that Homebrew works following these steps but I have found Softmodding more difficult. flatkii

FlatMii 125 Nintendo Wii PC to Wii DVD emulator ODE – mod chip, game backups.

I am howerver able edit priiloder hacks and save prefrences, if this is what i am looking for i apologise. Connect with console by USB port. Notable launch titles for the console included Halo: Do a sysCheck http: