You will also need to not assign variables to the array A locations. I can do all the calibration and settings from the front panel. Also, do i need to make any changes in the subVIs to do a capacitance scan. You only see data for one marker at a time, even though two are displayed. Message 10 of

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Go to the Instrument Driver Networkclick the search link, enter A, and download the driver.

The program I supplied gets cap and dis data from to Hz over 10 points. Study the program, step through it and watch what the instrument does as you step through it. The raw data will also be available in the Data File you specified.

I was wondering if anyone already has a program written for extracting the data and storing in a excel or a txt file. I can do all the calibration and settings from the front panel. Click the “add file” button next to the Plot File box and point to the VeuszInput. Message 3 of Check my blog for a link to Zfita better alternative to this.


Min, max, center, and span are not very helpful. The graph object has some notes on general operation.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies 4194A

It was of great help and hp41994a program worked like a charm. Message 5 of All you need to do is click Capture. Pretty ugly, isn’t it? The problem is I have to write down each and every reading.

LabVIEW program for HP A Impedance/Gain-Phase analyzer

This is done in the left-side column. Message 7 of It’s hard to get your bearings — where are the axis and tick mark labels? It represents some of my early work, but it is functional. You just basically hpp4194a the settings for the cap sweep, then get the array data. Please let me know.

It also saves the raw data from the as a. With this one, you can get specific readings, or the whole sweep. Only the log grid lines for magnitude are shown; the phase trace has no horizontal grid lines at all.

Message 1 of You only see data for one marker at a time, even though two are displayed. Wouldn’t you prefer seeing something like yp4194a instead?


It is an autobalancing bridge, which provides remarkable wide range and accuracy, from Hz to MHz. Here are a few more examples click to see full resolution: Laabview, the traces are jagged and ratty-looking aliased. Click the “add file” button next to the Data File box and specify where you want the.

When you click on an object it is highlighted in the plot labviww, so you can see what it is you’re modifying.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

I don’t have the instrument’s manual, or even the instrument, anymore. When you double-click on Plot. How are you running your tests, and what parameters are you reading? They are the same that are available over comms, but they are worded a little differently.