I tried everything except unplugging the spdif cable I used to try to sync the cards. That way you get maximum dynamic capabilities of your soundcard, lower the volume on your analog amplifier instead. Fell free to ask if there is something.. Mikael Thurberg mthurberg wrote on I think it is a well designed piece of software. This feature is aimed specifically for monitoring final outputs, and making master copies for budget conscious studios.

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The better way is to interpolate bezier path-like, or similar samples lost or gained. If I remember correctly and I recently looked it upthe Delta and LT are the two that have wordclock, the delta 44 and 66 do not.

VIA Envy24 Family Audio Driver 5.60C

That way you get maximum dynamic capabilities of your soundcard, lower the volume on your analog amplifier instead. Using the wibdows same settings I had on the envy24control mixer, with the windows hardware monitoring on I could hear the fish tank in the next room. It is not working as it should be with those buffer underruns.


If this could be for any help: See full activity log. Should i write the same i gnome-volume- control shows active programs using sound, it shows my soundcard but there is no sound.

I commend everybody who has worked so hard, but I think it is only fair that I let out the bad news. Ive saw that my user doesnt have privelegies to use the sound card in: Found in questions site this that seems to be related: I run in the console: Comment on this change optional.

Integrated support in this driver includes 8 channel outputs stereo expander to experience 2-channel formats using a full 5. Luke Yelavich themuso wrote on In sound settings currently showing dummy output only.

Email me about changes to this bug report.

Ronny Cardona rcart wrote on M-Audio uses a ICE chipset. Maybe it also can help someone else?

I suspect your problems are with ganging the two cards together. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. The following cards uses the ICE chipset as Ive understand: Found a bad link?

ESI – Product Archive: MAYA

Any comments in this area would be greatly appreciated. ICE sound card not detected 4. Help us by reporting it. The resolution quality of the hardware monitoring was like night and day. Ive found after some search that several users report they cant use their soundcard from the start, even not when using Ubuntustudio.


After a system update to ubuntu studio sound stopped working.

envy24control (1) – Linux Man Pages

Techies love to tech. This bug affects 1 person. Ive think the problem is ralated to the Envy24 control application? The brute force way to deal with drift is to drop samples on the faster card or duplicate ive1712 on the slower card.

This bug affects 2 people. Hello Mikael, you should take a moment and ask in this pages: