Find More Posts by Aeolian. Skip to main content. As far as the Layla, I used to read the old Sonic foundry forums fairly often, and I don’t believe I ever heard anything about it not working with Vegas, but I am not certain. Run a cable from a Layla output to an input monitoring muted to avoid feedback loop 3. What track counts are you running and are you having any problems with audio clicks or gaps or drop outs? The audio in my test should line up perfectly, at least very close.

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I an going to simulate a session Thursday night recording a friend’s band and I’ll let lajla know if I get any dropouts, clicks, or gaps.

Audio sync issues. Layla 20 / SONAR 4.0.2 (Solved)

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. From top to bottom tell me what cards are installed the white slots are pci, the topmost darker slot is agp – if you have an agp slot.

Anything else you’d like to know I’ll get and asil. SONAR will often stop running with a dropout if I insert an audio effect while the project is playing.


I edited my post. The Moons circling Uranus Status: Have you tried pulling the Layla and seeing if you can get Vegas working with the other card? To do an xp “standard PC” installation, when installing xp at the very beggining screen, you want to hit F5 when it asks for third party drivers. He retired it from his band. Number of Channels see all.

Record the original track of audio to a new track.

Please give us more system info. Echo gina3g 8 in 14 alyla digital audio recording, includes what is shown in photo. Find More Posts by Aeolian.

Skip to main content. I have complained about this several times. Latency works both ways.

Anyway, Sorry to get so long winded, I just thought there may be a few others out ther with a Echo Layla 20 bit card that may find this useful or at least interesting. Now that I am thinking about this again. I’d definitely poke around and also ask over there I first noticed it when I was putting some extra percussion parts on a song that was almost finished.


Nice 24 bit recording interface used in a smoke free Pro studio. For music, even if you have a very good ear, this will sound “tight”.

Thanks for the response though, any other thoughs? This is for the box only and does not include the cable or disk. Ah, I see now: Suited For see all. Hopefully, these are problems that future patches will address. WDM is better but still not perfect. Show only see all.

Problem with Echo Layla – Cockos Incorporated Forums

Please check out my other auctions for more great deals. I increased the buffer size to ms and increased the number of buffers to 4. If I shift the bass track forward by 93 ms, everything sounds great. Send a private message to Aeolian.