However I am confused about 2 things. The LCD shows they are being pressed but just nothing happens really. Engineered for maximum intensity. Hey guys, how are you getting on with that app switching issue? I read in this post that the upgrade should preserve all profiles and settings, but my experience shows me it does neither. Any mouse-button-up entries were changed to mouse-button-down and moved to the top of a macro.

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New Logitech Gaming Software | logi BLOG

Hey, just tried it with G15, a couple comments: To assign commands to the programmable G-keys, you just drag them from the left hand side of the screen and drop them on the Logitecg you want to assign them to.

Please direct your inquiries regarding add-on products to the appropriate third party vendor.

The Interface is really nice. A little digging in the event viewer turned up this information on the Gxmepanel Error that is being thrown every time I try to start the software: This is ,ogitech important for games with a separate launcher executable. I just bought the Logitech G upgrading from G15 Gen.

I just have a couple of suggestions. At least until I know them by heart. Whenever the program is restarted, all the mouse click macros are changed.


There is no custom keyboard driver, so what you see in Device Manager is correct. N-key rollover multi-key input on G13 means complex moves are executed exactly right every time. Games Game titles listed below are based on English language names. So all in all I love the development direction but it needs a bit more bug fixing before its ready for daily use. To be able to edit and label them correctly, in relation to other labels and functions.

At this time, we are only able to post and respond gamwpanel comments written in Logitrch.

Xfire is a free tool that automatically keeps track of when and where gamers are playing games online and lets their friends join them easily. I own the G13, G15 ggamepanel G Experience illumination Locate keys in low-light or total darkness logitfch custom-color backlit keys. Under Applets I have the program checked and everything is checked when you click customize for the app. I recently download the new software to work with my g15 keyboard, however I am unable to add additional gamer profiles created for previos versions.

The foundation of performance Engineered for maximum intensity. I shut down my computer.


And you can choose whether you want gamepajel Application Button next to the LCD to immediately switch to the next applet, or to display a list of all running applets. I would suggest contacting Support or discussing with other end-users on the forums. The G and G9x cannot use the same software. Please understand that we reserve logotech right to edit or delete comments for any reason we deem appropriate. Easier to edit, change, remove, label and add.


Gamepad – G13 Advanced Gameboard – Logitech

Extremely important since I use many third-party applets. If the current software is not meeting your needs, I recommend using the legacy 3.

Please bring the G35 headphone application and Setpoint into GamePanel. I fully applaud your developers for making something so slick and smooth and so easy to control.

Titles may vary by region. I am using the orange G15 keyboard and notice two issues. It would be nice to offer if the new software for both beginners and advanced, experienced users would be possibilities.