I have JDK 1. I want to make a front end application where I enter data into fields and it inserts into DB,and make it such that we can also retrieve information when we enter for example an ID. Looking further up this thread, I notice that the functionality was promised for some future version of the workbench but with no commitment given. Are you saying that any particular release of MyEclipse will only ever work with a particular release of eclipse, and not later releases? Select the option of Add External Jar from the Build path and then browse to the location where the Jar is downloaded, select it and add it. There was no error indicator in the left margin and no error decoration in the package explorer, against the file. That seems very restrictive, to me.

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Both BIRT and MyEclipse did offer the stored procedure data set type with this data source, although it was useless as the data source was only connecting to a sample database. Sample Database data source type.

JNDI datasource in Reports -OR- Configurable jdbc definition – Genuitec

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May 2, at 1: It would set up a persistence. You asked how to “set up jdbc in eclipse”.

Not sure how that could happen; it was an uneventful install. For me, the problem was the wrong update site. Looking further up this thread, I notice that the functionality was promised for some myeclpise version of the workbench but with no commitment given.

You then need to tell eclipse to include it in your class path so your code will compile and run inside eclipse.

How to specify the connection information for a database or other JDBC data source

Or do you need help invoking the driver? Eclipse makes it obvious how! If this worked in MyEclipse, you might be able to select a stored procedure query when creating a data set. Also – I’m using kepler eclipse. March 22, at 1: In BIRT, it is possible to edit the data source after creating it.

I have JDK 1. Logan 1, 3 25 August 8, at 6: Forum Replies Created Viewing 15 posts – 1 through 15 of 34 total. August 8, at The first reply in this discussion gave the wrong update site.

Search Forums Search for: Which do you suggest I take? If this isn’t the answer to your question maybe it will help someone else. I guess there is a bug here somewhere.


Report will install and run, but not show any data

None of those options seems very satisfactory. If you’re wanting to include a JAR file to your Eclipse project, you would generally create a ‘lib’ folder inside the project folder, and put the file in there. I don’t know off the top of my head.

Anyway, the URL is: It is similar to probably the main criticism of IBM Visual Age for Java, many years ,yeclipse, which was that developers could not run later releases of java than the one that came with Visual Age though, in that case, it was because IBM needed to produce their own version of the JVM. Are there errors related to import?

Can you detail how you did the reinstall? Just installed the MyEclipse development release. How do I find the Myeflipse that was registered? Are there any more features that are not in the main download?