The microphone jack accommodates accessory microphones in place of the built-in stereo microphone. After turning off the power, move the switch to the HOLD position to prevent accidental activation of button functions. When deciding which format to burn, here are some factors to take into account:. Any help would be greatly appreciated. DRM is commonly used to protect music and video content. If users correct their own files, they can learn to enunciate words so that the software can better understand their speech patterns, thereby increasing the accuracy of the text-file conversion.

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BTW, does anyone know when this card reader will be supported for booting or in linux? Playback of such files is not guaranteed.

700m – How to get the SD slot to work

If it would be quicker to count backward to the minute value, press [ – ] Down repeatedly to arrive at the correct minute value. This means Windows computers do not cad additional software to download and manage the files.

December 29, Privacy Statement Terms of Use. It is not recommended.

Be sure to close any files before starting the procedure. Does the WSM display in languages other than English?


In Windows Ssd Player, switch to the Sync tab and sync the renamed file. Any device that uses a USB port to interface with a computer should be disconnected by first shutting down the USB connection between the device and the computer in order to prevent data corruption.

When the baseline value for any variable is reached from either direction, the audio cue for that value becomes a chirp.

WSM &gt Frequently Asked Questions

Has anybody tried using the SD card slot for to access a card larger than MB? Macintosh computers do not require additional software to play MP3 files. I recently installed Ubuntu so I am completely new to it. Yes, audio files from this recorder can be burned to cqrd and data CDs.

The markings on the back of the SD card are:. To export a file from the WSM, put one end of the KA into the earphone jack of the WSM and the other end into the microphone or input jack of the receiving device. If the recorder has been used as a mass storage device to 7000m data, the data may have exceeded the capacity of the flash memory and the header for the last file may be incomplete.

I thought as long as it complied with the SD standard there wouldn’t be any issues Guess I was wrong. This is how the recorder is able to vary the potential recording time and use the built-in flash memory more efficiently. Can the playback speed be controlled? When the recorder is formatted, music files with DRM might not be able s be transferred to the recorder again. The recorder has three microphone sensitivity levels: Index marks cannot be inserted into a locked file. Listen for it to snap into place.


When recording an audio signal containing frequencies 700, 19, and 20, Hz, the best quality 7000m be achieved by using the built-in stereo microphone.

Product Support

A small amount of that memory is reserved for firmware and system files needed to run the recorder. Files can also cardd safely deleted not formatted using a computer. Now the card won’t mount at all The files are supported natively by Windows Media Player. Higher voltages may damage the recorder.

Windows and Macintosh platforms can play recordings in the PCM. The first variable to be set is the hour. Pressing [ – ] Down reduces the playback volume.