Install the drivers in the following sequence. That pretty much sums it up. The second one is tethered through an external UGA usb 2. For a complete list of the Acer z Windows 7 drivers you can download it from here. You can skip the other optional updates.

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Right click on that yellow icon and see if updating or installing the device for the icon works. After installing audio, Windows XP will detect a modem device on your laptop. Its a breeze juggling three displays loving it. After installing all drivers i check the device manager and i notice that there is one driver that is still yellow with a question mark which is the Network Controller.

How to Install Windows XP drivers on the Acer 4730z Laptop

Am I missing something here? Waited for the installation to complete yep MS just made their installation easier. I was reformatting my friends notebook Aspire Z with win XP SP3 and i downloaded all the drivers from the official acer site and every driver works fine but i cant get the wireless running.

Please check your hard disk, it may be defective.


I have an Atheros ARX so my card could be different from yours. 4370z running the audio install setup, you need to install kbxpsp2. Then hover your cursor to whichever wireless connection you are tethered, right click and select status.

Acer zWindows 7.

Caidence Please check your hard disk, it may be defective. In this case, you need to install the specific webcam driver for the laptop.

Detected and installed default drivers for all devices except the card reader. I was skeptical about the gains over XP but after the install, complete patch and driver updates, the laptop was never faster.

Next, install the LAN driver. A Nifty Calendar on My Desktop. Thanks for dropping by.

Installing Windows 7 32 bit on Acer z

For your wifi not displaying networks, you may have set your wifi to be managed by the external software that came with the driver. Please reply on my email also. On another note if your laptop is brand new, please have that replaced ASAP.

But I can not my wiFi to work What should I be installing to get my laptop search for the active hotspot? The drivers enumerated above were installed for stability.

Installing Windows 7 32 bit on Acer 4730z

Then, unpack them to their respective folders, you can later delete the unpacked folders after installation. You can find this in this directory under the audio install folder.


That pretty much sums it up. I suggest you do as well, it runs well even on net books. Some drivers acfr issues though, but driver updates fixed it.

The second one is tethered through an external UGA usb 2.

How to Install Windows XP drivers on the Acer z Laptop

Finally install the Launch Manager. Copyright to – www.

The Acer z natively supports different modes of dual displays. About your question, which particular tab in the wireless network properties are you looking at?

Also, My Crystal eye webcam is problematic. Its like the WLAN hardware just disappeared. The aced important sections that you will be interested in looking at are the Speed and Signal Quality.