The balances held in third party depository institutions, to the extent in interest bearing accounts, may exceed the FDIC insurance limits. Management judgment is a significant factor in determining whether an indicator of impairment has occurred. In June the Company completed an exchange offer which allowed the holders of Senior Notes to exchange the notes for an equal principal amount of Senior Notes that are registered under the Securities Act of All of the foregoing capitalized terms are defined in the Credit Agreement, which was filed by the Company with the SEC on March 9, as Exhibit We operate two call centers that primarily process overflow delivery and carry-out orders for approximately 1, of our Pizza Hut units. Use 4 random cards from a card deck.

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Cash from operations is our primary source of funds. However, as gas prices increase, the impact upon our operations can be somewhat mitigated by a transfer of sales from the delivery occasion to the carryout access mode, as consumers seek greater value avoiding the extra delivery charge which benefits us with lower labor costs for the carryout transaction. We adjust the preliminary purchase price allocation, carx. In particular, PHI maintains discretion over the menu items that we can offer in our restaurants.

Additionally, when a commitment is made to close a unit beyond the quarter, any remaining leasehold improvements and all personal property are reviewed for impairment and depreciable lives are adjusted.

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The brands also aecom similar economic characteristics, resulting in similar long-term expected financial performance characteristics. Early adoption is permitted for financial statements that have not been previously issued.

Reflects the exclusion of the management fees and expenses incurred by the Company under the Olympus Advisory Agreement.

Step into the world of Sp’Ace Up to become the world’s 1! Depreciation and amortization expense. To the extent that our Pizza Hut delivery sales mix increases due to changes in occasion mix or the acquisition of units, our labor costs would be expected to increase due to the more labor intensive nature of the delivery transaction.


Our existing franchise agreements allow PHI to require us to la a number of assets per year beginning in that is greater than the number reflected in the Asset Partner Plan, which could be imposed by PHI if we fail to qualify for the Asset Partner Plan.

Lower metrics correlate with higher priorities. This game has three scoring methods for single player.

Any additional debt incurred, beyond the parameters established lam our Credit Agreement, or refinancing of any of our existing indebtedness may result in increased borrowing crd that are in excess of our current borrowing costs based on current credit market conditions.

Our cash borrowing rate was flat at 6. The balances held in the money market funds qdcom not insured or guaranteed by the FDIC or any other governmental agency. The following table sets forth certain information with respect to each fiscal period: We operate on a or week fiscal year ending on the last Tuesday in December. Our operating costs and expenses are comprised of cost of sales, direct labor, other restaurant operating expenses and general and ccard expenses.

In our Delco and RBD units, the POS system includes a kitchen management system, which automatically displays recipes, preparation and cooking instructions for all food items. Many of our customers use credit or debit cards to pay for their purchases. Such sensationalist media topics could include food-borne illness, food contamination, unsanitary conditions or discriminatory behavior.

Certain accounting policies require us to make subjective or complex judgments about matters that are uncertain and may change in subsequent periods, resulting in changes to reported results. Significant portions of our computer and information systems, including our digital laj system, are provided lna third parties.


Commodity prices can vary significantly. Unanticipated events or circumstances may occur which could affect the accuracy of its fair value estimates, including assumptions regarding industry economic factors and business strategies.

Our cash borrowing rate increased 0. NPCQB had the option to close up to four specified restaurants by December 31,of which one was closed. We depend on the lah of key individuals, the loss of which could materially harm our business. To the extent we cannot refinance our Senior Secured Credit Facilities on favorable terms or at all prior to maturity, our consolidated financial condition and results of operations may be materially adversely affected.

Reports of food-borne illnesses such as e-coli, mad cow disease, hepatitis A, trichinosis or salmonella and injuries caused by food tampering have in the past severely injured the reputations of participants in the QSR segment and could in the future affect us as well. All of the oan are of material importance to our business and are licensed to us under our franchise agreements for use with respect to the operation and promotion of our restaurants.

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Ace, Jack, Queen and King represent 1 to 13 respectively. General and administrative expenses include field supervision and personnel costs and the corporate and administrative functions that support our restaurants, including employee wages and benefits, bank service and credit lwn transaction fees, professional fees, travel, information systems, recruiting and training costs, supplies, and insurance.

The Asset Partner Plan will require significant capital expenditures by us over the plan period. NPC was founded in and is the largest franchisee of any restaurant concept in the United States U.