Dump all functions out of this function, e. The idea is rather simple. For more informations you should focus your eyes to the dvb. A couple of weeks later i received a mail from a very kind person marfi , who asked for some informations concerning the skydll. I hope my english is not so uncomprehensive and that my question will be replied. Hey i did it! Posted October 23,

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Will I have to decode the transport stream on that transponder? For reverse engineering i use windasm. The PCI shouldn’t be a bottleneck.

Translating this files to pascal cause. Hey Christian a question: Posted November 1, Several other services are also stored on a transponder using fixed PID’s.

Posted October 21, Discover the magic of the Internet. If you are familiar in coding you can easily get the functions out of the skydll by writing a dummy skydll which does nothing than to log the data coming to each function provided by the skydll. But i’ve done only the I have 4 channel dvr card sdkk to pci slot. Posted October 31, Well sdj be honest, i got the most of the informations by Marfi he made the new renderer.


[linux-dvb] Re: B2C2 sdk ?

Nice, thanks for the help Christian; now that I discovered, whatcing the Tuning under Setup4PC of technisat, that PID are different for every chan u have to make a list and set them for every channel Use the list below to find the correct B2C2 Windows driver.

I have a question about our skystar Posted October 25, Oct 26, I’ve tried PE Explorer of Heavensoft and it’s look very usefull Unluckily are several functions never executed, so you have to do dirty debugging i prefer WinDisasm. This installation is provided on the client installation media.

From now on i received all help i needed esp. How can you b22c to a function inside a dll launced by another application??

I will buy it, if the new version is available. Figuring the first xdk out is the most complicated part, after this it is going easier, because the functions have mostly the same architecture: Maybe the linuxtv dvb driver don’t suport this frontend. Dump all functions out of this function, e.


Posted October 24, As far as i suppose – i never put two or more of these heaters in my computer – is bb2c2 handle responsible for the card which will be acessed. Posted September 28, Posted October 3, Posted October 18, Also, make sure there. Now the new skydll bypass all the function trought a function that dump all the info to a file