I am a low single handicap player who has always put too much spin on the ball with the driver to get maximum distance when using a tour quality golf ball. It is still in my bag and I have tried many other neutral and fade bias drivers. The weight and length of the XL Pro forced me to ease up a bit as I allowed the clubhead to catch up. Mind you I haven’t had a driving day like that lately The was a little right, ha! There is a raised dot in the H of HiBore on the sole of teh illegal ones. Save my 2nd stroke to the Green.

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Straightest and longest I have ever driven. I have just got back from a demo day at the local range.

Still, since you liked your old shaft, I recommend nob you put your old graffaloy shaft in if the hosel fits and try it. Bought a demo XL 9. Cleveland says the Red is designed for strong players with fast swing speeds.

If you own a I actually hit the 9. One thing in clevelabd, with a D-5 weighting bottom of club feels a bit heavier than most you can sweet swing and get incredible results. Oh and by the way, this thing crushes the ball. The model i tried was the 9. Prior to this I hit a Callaway 2 wood off the tee.


I am a 76 year old, with a 15 handicap. The Hibore XL felt the best, but I liked the set-up and appearance better than the others too.

So, if you are a cheater, and want an extra yard or two, make sure you get your Would you think I would gain any distance with the Hi-Bore and which shaft would you recomend? What I found right away was mostly straight balls with a high, driving flight that carried forever.

If 82 years old and MPH swing speed, you are my hero. I used to drive the ball with the 2 wood.

My drives would balloon with tremendous backspin and fall short. Driver – TM Burner Remeber, swing your hands thru the ball and release from the top of the shaft.

Best driver I ever had once you get used to it.


On average, I hit around five fairways and ten greens per round. Just purchased and played three rounds with the new Hibore XL, 9. Please make sure that your email, shipping address and phone number are current with eBay and Paypal.


Will update when I have played a few rounds. When I did slice the ball, it still stayed in the fairway, and really seemed more like a push than a slice.

The new Hibore XL is nearly as clleveland and the distance problem is solved.

Cleveland HiBORE XL Driver

However, I was wondering if anyone experienced teeing height on this club a factor? I sent it into cleveland.

Availability and Pricing Both clubs are scheduled to begin shipping from Cleveland on January 15 and be available to we panting consumers on February 2. I must have hit about balls.

But mph is a strong enough clubhead speed to make use of the red shaft IMHO. My experience with the XL hibore is that it connforming not reduce a fade. Search Advanced Search section: But, I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for me and to what I should choose.