June 11, at 3: Worked beautifully with zero deviation from the instructions. No problem there, but still not connecting. September 2, at 6: I would suggest you to try using that dongle with another machine if you have one in hand. I just dragged your file from my downloads folder and it worked. April 8, at 6:

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I first tried using the iogear BLE adaptor on my desktop along with your kext hack as well with bluetooth explorer to try to activate it but no luck.

So the mouse has a very erratic behavior, disconnecting and reconnecting from time to time. December 15, at 2: I cannot search the dongle with the bluetooth explorer selector.

I followed the instructions to the letter and tried doing it with all of the three kext installers, but my Mac Pro 2,1 8-core w Enabled Bluetooth File Exchange: Please let me know if it works. I am looking for a dongle to implement bluetooth 4.


Using unsupported Bluetooth USB dongle with OS X

August 25, at 5: I finally manager to install the dongle. I copy and pasted it into the Contents folder and restart, however still not recognized under system information USB tree.

Everything else works… but is it safe to continue using the Dongle?

I used the Hardwaretools for Xcode 6. December 30, at January 28, at 2: Finally, I reset the Mac, for about the 3rd time, after ioger my routers, etc.

August 30, at An instance 0xb0 of class AVPlayer was deallocated while key value observers were still registered with it.

When I open either one, I can pull up the broadcom information and see Bluetooth 4. No Incoming Serial Ports: Learn how your comment data is processed.

February 1, at 9: I was doing something iogfar or the Magic Trackpad 2 was no able to work with Lion and Mac Mini of ? May 30, at BT was working for me on yosemite till I did rebuild cache.


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December 29, at 1: September 12, at March 8, at December 24, 2.11 6: So technically, it should already work. October 11, at August 19, at 1: The only hitch is that when I option-click on the Bluetooth icon, it still says version 2.

August 19, at 3: March 6, at 2: